Schoolies Booking Conditions

Minimum 7 night stay - $1,000 bond per room required prior to check-in. Photo I.D. will be required from each Guest at check-in for Security.


Booking Conditions: 50% Deposits must be paid within 14 days of making booking. Balance payment is due on or before 1st Sepetmeber same year as booking. All deposit payments and final payments are non-refundable. All bookings must start on Saturday or Sunday and go for no more than 7 nights, min 7 nights stay


House Rules Byron Bay Side Central Motel

I agree to be bound by the following House Rules. (Breaches of these rules may result in the forfeiture of any bond held, and/or eviction, with no refund.

  1. Please note that when we refer to a "guest"&/or "guests" in these rules, we are referring to all Occupants of an apartment. All guests are jointly & severally liable for the actions of any and all guests in each apartment. This means that, if only one of the guests in an apartment causes damage and/or breaches the house rules; all guests in the apartment will be held responsible and will be subject to whatever action is considered necessary by management.
  2. No excess noise (from radios, televisions, doors slamming, voices, etc.) is to be made at any time within the apartment, grounds and, in particular hallways.. After 10:00pm no noise is to be audible outside the apartment. Failure to comply may result in eviction with no refund.
  3. Shouting or other loud noises from doors, balconies or windows is not permitted at any time. Management reserves the right to confiscate any items that are used to make excessive noise, such as stereos etc.
  4. Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in any common areas.
  5. No illegal, antisocial, disruptive, destructive and/or drunken behaviour will be tolerated on the premises at any time. Taking of any illegal drugs is strictly forbidden on the premises.
  6. NO SMOKING inside the apartments at any time. An excess cleaning fee applies.
  7. No parties whatsoever are permitted in any apartment.
  8. NO VISITORS. For security reasons, only registered guests are permitted entry to the building
  9. For security reasons, please DO NOT allow access to the building to any person who you CAN NOT PERSONALLY identify as a registered guest in the building.
  10. Unregistered guests in the building will be escorted from the premises immediately, and could be charged with trespassing. Guests who deliberately hide non guests in their room will be evicted.
  11. No item is to be thrown or dropped from any balcony, door or window - either accidentally or on purpose. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the eviction of all the occupants of the apartment.
  12. No clothing, bedding or any other articles shall be hung or draped from the balconies, doors, windows, or on the outside of the building. (Airing racks provided may be used on the balcony.)
  13. NO GLASS BOTTLES OR PRODUCTS ARE PERMITTED IN THE APARTMENT or ANY COMMON AREAS. If glass bottles are found, they, and the contents, will be confiscated and destroyed. (This is for your safety and the safety of other guests.)
  14. Careless or wilful misuse of, or damage to, fire equipment or any other part of the building, will result in immediate eviction, a possible $1500 fine and criminal charges.
  15. Guest safety and security are our primary concerns. At NO time are guests to CLIMB onto the ROOF, sit on the BALCONY RAILS or CLIMB around onto BALCONIES, as this is potentially very dangerous and will result in immediate eviction. To this end, regular room inspections will be conducted to ensure the condition of the room and furnishings are in a fit state for the comfort and security of our guests. Management, staff and/or Security reserve the right to enter apartments, at their discretion, without notice.
  16. To avoid additional cleaning charges, all guests are required to keep and leave the apartment in a good condition and, on check-out remove all rubbish and ensure all dishes are washed and put away. Any damage or breakages are to be reported immediately to reception. All damage and or breakages are to be paid for by the responsible persons, or will be deducted from the bond.
  17. All rubbish must be put in the bags provided, tied and placed in the garbage bins adjacent to the top of each stair case. All rubbish must be removed from the apartment daily and on departure.
  18. Housekeeping Services over and above the standard exit clean will incur an additional fee, which will be deducted from the bond.
  19. Should you find yourself locked out after reception hours, use the night bell at the front door of reception. Please note a $50.00 call out fee will apply.